Wisdom of My Mother(s)

My mother always had a piece of advice to give. Even though she died in 2001 I can still hear her in my head, I thought I would share some of her favourites.

  1. Relatives are like poison, take them in small doses.
  2. Don’t ever join a church, it’s like a death sentence.
  3. Sleep with them if you have to but don’t move in together.
  4. Life’s too short to drink cheap wine.

Along with her nuggets of philosophy which rattle around in my head, sometimes I am gifted with new information. I don’t dream often of her, when I do it’s tantamount to a conversation. One night in the dormitory at CSUSB I looked at her picture before going to bed and said “I would love to have one more fight with you”. Later that night I dreamt that my mother was screaming and yelling at me. In my dream I asked her why she was shouting at me, her reply was “I’m giving you what you want”.

Another dream of my mother was after my final OB appointment in August.  I had passed the magical due date the doctor had come up with on his wheels and I was wondering when the hell the baby would come out!  That night I asked my mother “When I am going to have this baby!” in my dream that night she appeared for a total of 5 seconds and yelled “the 18th”!  On the 17th we went to a mighty fine party at Ahouseholdkate and Eclectic Nerdery house.  At 2:57 in the morning on the 18th I went into labour and Sean came later on that day.

When I became pregnant again I had no dreams of my mum, later on I miscarried.

When I was pregnant with our daughter I had a dream that I was walking through a shopping mall with my mum.  I kept telling her that I had something to tell her, I had just found out I was pregnant, but she just said, “I already know.”

Yvette “Eve” Spink 18th of November, 1954 – 8th of August, 2001 (this is one of the only pictures I have my Mother, she was feeling better from her chemo.  Dad had bought her a new wardrobe and she finally had straight hair with her wigs, she was naturally curly person.)



This is my Mother-in-Law.  Karlene Kaye Macdonell 27th of March, 1956 -25th of October, 2011.

She was an actual life saver.  When I broke my leg she came and picked up Sean and cared for him while Anonymous was by my bedside.  She was able to answer my questions that I wasn’t able to ask my own Mum.  We had adventures at thrift shops and we had a memorable lunch at a tea house.   She taught me how make marinades and we worked together to make Sean’s Christmas Stocking.  Along with my mother she is the type of woman/mother I want to be.


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