I’m probably not the first to “lament” over the state of service at the DMV but it was coming! The registration for my car expires tomorrow, I received my renewal (and sent it in) in February. Since I didn’t get my tags early in April I made an appointment to sort out the problem. So I enter the DMV stand in the appointment line get interrogated as to why I am there and then proceed to fill out the form given to me. Once the form is filled out I am given a ticket (A003) and told to wait until the voice of the Emergency Destruct System tells me which window to go to.*Bing* *Bong* “Number A003 proceed to window 6” I do as instructed and meet a young individual who appears to need a session of trepanning. I explain, “I never received my registration” he taps some keys and murmurs “It was sent March 6”. “Thats great but I never got it” the printer beside him churns out a document “Go to window 3”. The one bright spot was the gentleman at window 3 who greeted me with “How can I help you today?”. “I need a sticker, that man gave me this” I handed over the paperwork. “Sent you all the way to me for a sticker, lets get that…*drawer opening* *stapling* Here you go, have a nice day!”, “I will now!” I replied. The kicker is that he actually meant it, this man took obvious joy in his work. It was refreshing to have a caring and helpful person but at the same time it made me sad. I think it would be easier if the DMV was full of mindless cyborgs directing people, wearing them down until they are sucked into their reality/dimension.


Godot can kiss my ass

I have had two very good friends lose loved ones this month. The first due to an accident the second due to illness. Both of them are strong and will cope but I don’t want them to have to cope they shouldn’t have to. M. Godot can kiss my ass I will not wait for him!

Big steps and little ‘uns

Since getting pregnant six months ago I knew that there would be things that I would miss.  Can’t have a beer but the bright side is I save money.  Coffee is out the window but it made me shake anyway.  Fish has been harder to give up but I can eat all I want after I do my John Hurt impression.  The one thing I truly miss is running, I started a running program in August of 2006 and I loved it!  Got my body in shape, gave me confidence not to mention the runner’s high. I loved those endorphins!  Now that I’m at the waddling stage of my pregnancy running is also on the NO list.  Luckily my husband had a solution for my melancholy–a pedometer.  I’m a big fan of the 10,000 steps a day program as an effective and easy method of exercise.  With the incorporation of the pedometer it offers that instant gratification that many individuals are seeking nowadays.  For myself I can now gauge my exercise better.  I may not get the “runner’s high” but I sure get a rush and a sense of accomplishment opening up my pedometer at the end of the day and seeing all the steps I’ve taken add up to a fantastic number that I want to beat the next day.

Happy 21st

Twenty-one years ago today my parents and my brother disembarked from a plane and began our stay in the United States of America. During that time I’ve lived in many houses and places. Met people who have become family, I would do anything for them. My family and I also became permanent legal members of this fine country. With the history lesson over with what do I really think about todays anniversary? Not a lot, its just another day and home is where you happen to be.