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Is this magnetic?

Well yet another wreck in the school carpark.  This time police came to sort it out.  Most of the kids waiting for school to start were all telling one another “how cool it was!”


My Morning Thus Far

My morning began a little after two.  Evie was having a bad night, I comforted her put her back to  bed.  About 15 minutes later she was still announcing her discontent.  Anonymous picked her up and then her stomach recoiled.  Anonymous became the old priest and cleaned up Evie while I became the young priest and cleaned up the room.  Around 3 in the morning I used to the online service and scheduled Evie for an appointment.

Since Anonymous had today off we all walked to drop Sean off at Kindergarten.  I introduced Anonymous to Lori/Laurie (not sure how she spells her name) the lollipop Lady/Crossing guard.  Even though she is wearing a Hi-Vis vest and waves a giant STOP sign many seem to see her as a target.  We nearly got mowed down by a grandma in Ford.  There are many that live close but still drive which makes for congestion.  The school is situated a bit on the cock.  There is a T intersection and a main parking lot that is one way.  There are slots on either side and the passage way through is heavily marked Pick up/ Drop Off. Many people either can’t read/comprehend this or choose to ignore it completely.  So there is a huge gang-bang line forming since there is an 11 seater  daycare van which is disembarking its passengers.  Another grandma this time in a silver trans-am is trying to back out of one of the spaces.  The van leaves the car behind the van is moving forward when grandma closes her eyes and just guns it!  I know that they will hit I even yell, “You’re going to hit the car!” The guy behind has time to honk but doesn’t in fact he is trying to make the hole left by the van! It was one of the moments when you’re brain screams “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!” then “What the Foxtrot do I do about it?” I’ve had this moment before when I saw a woman robbing the GameStop.  She was putting games in her handbag while her boyfriend was keeping the clerk busy.  I saw what was happening but couldn’t believe it, I even went up to her and asked, “What games you getting?” She bolted and I yelled, “She’s stealing your games” the clerks ignored me since the jewel cases are empty. She had broken into a kisok/stand and was helping herself to Gameboy/PSP used games.

After dropping Sean off we walked back and less than a block from our house we see an oddity.  A cinderblock retaining wall seemed to have some damage as we walked closer we were approached by a Policeman and a Civilian.  I point and ask, “Earthquake?” Now there have been some earthquakes recently but how the hell do you ask politely, “Who smashed the wall?”

The civilian who had a bandaged leg told us, “Pursuit, guy came down the hill turned right hit the perpetual puddle that is there and smashed into the wall.”  The guy even chased the driver since he tried to leg it.

Things have calmed down, the pediatrician checked over Evie.  No signs of infection or fever.  She asked about her feeding habits and it is most likely that Evie had way too much milk before bed.  Our girl is to be milk free for an hour to two hours before bed.  Lets see what the afternoon brings.

July Recap

So July was mixture of things, good things, funny things, whiskey tango foxtrot things.  My Dad had his gallbladder removed early in the month and since his wife was on call at the hospital I was a back-up. Just to make sure he took his pain medication and carried no fever or other sign of infection.  It was the first time I had ever spent the night away from Evelyn since she was born.   I have been away from Sean and all of those were hospital admittances.

After carefully weighing our options we sold the Tardis. CarMax was a great experience and the Tardis didn’t stay on the lot a week until someone bought it.  I truly hope that the Tardis is giving some young teenager or a new family some joy. For us Galactica is now our primary vehicle.

I came home one day and found a Scorpion in our kitchen sink.  Yes I did type scorpion not spider. Bugs on a whole don’t weird me out, don’t get me wrong if they were in my bed I would freak but on the most part I can deal with them.  Scorpions are tough suckers!  I don’t own boots so I couldn’t smash it and if it was a pregnant female smashing them causes the babies to run out.  Get this you cannot drown them, they can survive in pools.  This thing rivals the Xenomorph running around the Nostromo!  So I sprayed it with bleach cleaner it squirmed for a bit before dying and then I could get rid of it.

My children continue to surprise me and I know that sounds cliche but it is true!  They are so different and the same but the difference on this particular day reminded me of that nursery rhyme of Jack Sprat. However, in my universe it goes

Evelyn Claire could eat no pasta and Sean James could eat no beans.  Between the two they picked the plate clean

I had my six month surveillance by my GP as instructed by the genetic counselors and all seems well.  My GP is actually going to send my case to the radiology department for their input.  According to him I am in the weird age bracket where there are a whole host of opinions of what to do.  So he is going to get the radiologists opinion.

The last day of July saw the last lesson with Sean and his swim instructor, she has made Sean water safe and proficient and we can’t thank her enough!  Sean has had her since just before he turned 4.  It is her last summer at CSUSB before she goes off to bigger, better and more grand things.  Sean made her card and a key-chain and she posed for a photo.


We moved the other day, into a proper house, no more shared walls for the Anonymous household.  While we were buying the house the air conditioner was stolen.  Probably by some pipe-head or whomever for the copper parts.  The air conditioner was replaced and we moved in.  Our first night in the house we we’re settling in, Anonymous and I were sort of dozing when a sharp hissing sound emanated from outside.  Anonymous got up and checked the front of the house and I stayed in the bedroom while I heard some other noises.  In the morning we had forgotten about it.  However when I turned on air conditioner no cold air came out.  I switched it off and told Anonymous we then looked at the unit and the copper pipe had been snipped.  So our first night in the house we managed to chase off a would be stealer of an air conditioner!!! Tomorrow a HVAC repair unit is coming to hopefully repair the unit.  Once again living in the IE you can’t make this shit up!!

Merry Go Round 30 Second Soundblast

Yesterday when I had finished posting the latest installment of the Merry-go-round series I noticed our gate open.  In comes a gentleman with a paint can and roller.  I open the door to greet him.

“Hey, I’m here to paint the siding.”  He even gestrures with the roller to the side of the house.

I’m trying not to laugh since the weather is crap and it is drizzling.  He seems to notice this and looks up to the sky and then to the eave/overhang.  “Does that provide any shelter?”

Now I’m really trying not to laugh since the eave/overhang is really just for aesthetics.  Anyway he goes about his business and paints the siding which was the exact same color that we had painted it.  I guess they agreed it was the right color after all!

Merry Go Round Remix

When Anonymous with the help of others dug our front yard out to remove the stump, a piece of siding needed to be removed.  Anonymous and I were unsure as to whether we were responsible for the replacement siding or the HOA.  We contacted the HOA and explained our problem and really didn’t hear back from them.  Finally they sent out a termite inspector to survey the damage.  We asked if they had a piece of siding in their warehouse and we got the usual, “we’ll get back to you.”

Meanwhile a month goes by and Fall comes so our anxiety level is starting to rise since we have a frakking hole in the side of our condo.  Anonymous e-mails the HOA while I attend a HOA meeting.  At this meeting we just ask for an answer.  We are more than willing to fix the problem ourselves we just need confirmation that we can do so.  The next day I recieve a phone call that the HOA will indeed be fixing our siding problems.  I call Anonymous and we breathe a sigh of relief.

A few days later two gentlemen arrive and inform me, “We’re here to fix your siding.”  I say, “great” and wait in the yard to see if they need an extension cord or something for their tools.  They notice that I’m hanging around and then say, “Oh, were going to get the siding.”  I excuse myself and head back inside.  Three hours later they have not returned so I go out with Sean to get provisions.  When we come home I have a niggling feeling about the yard.  When I open the front door I notice something stuck in the screen door, it’s an invoice.  It tells me that nearly $600 of work had been completed.

When I look at the work I notice that the new piece of siding is the wrong texture as the rest of the pieces and hasn’t even been painted.  The siding has been secured properly and expertly caulked and sealed.  I laugh at this and wait for Anonymous to get home because I know he won’t believe it.  When Anonymous did get home he really didn’t believe it.  “Did you know that’s a $45 piece of siding that you can get a Lowe’s?  I know the price because that’s what I was going to buy to fix the hole!”

Later that night Anonymous sends an e-mail to the HOA letting them know that the price on the invoice really doesn’t reflect the work done.  A couple of days go by and we take our left over paint in a small tin, from when the condos were built, to Lowe’s to get it matched so we can paint the siding.  Now one must take into account that a fresh coat of paint is going to look darker since the rest of the pieces have been subjected to years of wear by the elements.

Last Thursday there is a knock on my door, it’s the same two gentlemen and they are pissed off.  “Yeah we’re here to fix the siding… that piece we put on was temporary.”

Nowhere on the invoice did it state the work was temporary.

The lead guy looks at the house, “Did you paint this?”

“yes” I say sweetly.

“It’s the wrong color.” He tells me in a macho tone.

“Actually it isn’t.”  I point to faded portion of the house.  “This color is actually the same since it just has been subjected to the weather.”

The guys body language screams panic but I can’t really tell since he’s wearing sunglasses.  “yeah ok right,  uh I need the code for the paint.”

“There is no code.” I tell him nonchalantly.

“There has to be.”  Now there is definitely panic.

“Nope, we got the paint matched from a sample.” I proceed to get the small 8oz can and show him. “as you can see this paint is quite old.  All of the area codes for southern California are listed as 714 from San Diego to San Bernardino.”

“Well we have the piece of siding we had to get it milled.”  He produces a hospital white piece of siding and then goes about his business tearing out the temporary siding to replace it with the new pristine milled siding.  When they were done I was informed, “We’ll paint it.”

“Thats ok we can do it, we have the paint after all.”  I say to hopefully get this guy in a better mood.

“Nope you painted it once we’ll paint it this time.”

So I can’t wait to see what type of paint these guys come up with!

The Merry-Go-Round spins on!


Around 9 o’clock this morning my phone rang so I answer it.  Immediately a young man asks me about my day, and how he is trying to get a Masters in Communications.   I start asking, “What is this for?”  I am told that I have been entered to win a contest, I state that I have not filled out any forms so this must be in error.  I am then told that lists get sold and my name was on it.  I repeatedly tell this guy I want nothing to do with this promotion.  I am then asked about magazines.  Once again I state that I want no part in this stating profusely “I don’t want any magazines.”

He begins talking over me while I state, “Listen to me! Listen to me! I don’t want any magazines!”  Meanwhile he’s touting the great deals on Ladies Home Journal and Disney Magazine.  I’m still chanting my “Listen to Me!” before voicing loudly, “You sound nice but if you do not stop and listen to me I will hang up.”  He keeps talking so I go for the extinction, “I’m hanging up on you in 3…2…1”


You would think that if he were going for a Masters in Communications he would understand the art of communication: one person speaks the other one listens.

So now I can’t help imagining that magazines are going to show up in my mailbox without the phone number to get rid of them!