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New Again

We now have a new normal.  The damage from the January break-in has been repaired. The anxiety on all has been lessened.  There is no longer an exterior door in Sean’s room.  The kitchen window has been replaced and the front door no longer has the markings from the idiot who tried to get it.








So we went out this morning to Stater Bros. for provisions.  Evelyn was quite happy in the trolley and Sean was being good too.  A gentleman had four Rockstar drinks so I let him go ahead of me.  He was hesitant, “Are you sure?” I said, “yeah, pay it forward”.  The lady ahead also let the guy go ahead of her.  Another lane opened up and the lady ahead of me went to aisle 5.  The guy put his drinks down and the lady who was checking out was about 6 dollars short on her groceries and couldn’t buy her detergent.  The Rockstar guy said, “I’ll pay for it” and he did he then added, “We’ve all been there.” He’s right, I remember being a kid and I was 5 cents short buying swimming goggles and a lollypop for my brother.  A woman in line said, “I have five pennies for her” I never forgotten it.  Nice to see good deeds going on especially during this festive week.

Breaking in to the New Year

This post has been in the works for a while.  Our new year was pretty uneventful which was nice.  There were some bouts of drunken whooping but nothing that woke up the kids.  Gunfire and fireworks were minimal which was nice.  One saturday our household decided to go out and visit the Ahouseholdkate and her brood. As we left I did a lap of the house making sure windows and doors were shut and the like.

Fast forward a few hours later we’re leaving Ahouseholdkate and we get Hamburger Arrow take-out (In-N-Out) for dinner.  We get home and enter the house and Sean says, “What’s that noise?”  I thought the dishwasher had broken turns out the washer is fine it’s the sink that is running.  My stomach drops, I didn’t leave the water on.  I look above the sink and the window is gone.  Anonymous goes to check the house I drop the food and grab the kids and we go outside.  Our neighbors had just gotten home and Kim with her lovely Back east accent goes, “Mike! Holy shit their window is gone!”  We are ushered inside and  Anonymous turns off the gas turns out this F-ing F stepped on the pipe to scramble over the wall to get away.

The police come out and we’re given a case number. Apparently the Police tell there has been an increase in break-ins due to the economy and since our Gov. Jerry Brown released the Non-Violent offenders.   They tried to force the front door and were unsuccessful.  They tried to yank open the slider and only bent the handle.  Too stupid to figure out they pool gate they jumped over it and probably twisted their ankle when it gave under their weight.   Scrambling over the brick wall to finally yank off the window.  Our other neighbor states that his buddy had done a U-Turn and saw a dude with a backpack running from our home.  With all the ruckus and commotion this dude forgot to take a thing.  Nothing was stolen from our home and for that we are flabbergasted.  I gathered up the food still in the bag from the floor and add insult to burglary the order was wrong.

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Welcome to the Neighbourhood

The hole created by the Police Pursuit has finally been patched.  Our Lollipop Lady/Crossing Guard has been absent for a few weeks.  If Evie was older and in preschool I would fill the position myself.  Last friday was interesting.  The weather here in the I.E. is finally cooling down.  I had the sliding glass door in our bedroom open and box fan drawing in the breeze.  Anonymous was in the living room doing the same thing.  I was reading a book and then became aware of a droning sound.  I look out the window and see the Ghetto Bird (Police Helicopter) circling quite close to our home.  I go to find Anonymous only to have him say, “Hey have you seen this helicopter?  Right above our house.”

I felt like Ray Liotta in Goodfellas all I needed was the soundtrack of Harry Nilsson “jump into the fire” to be playing in the background.  I told Anonymous to shut the door in case there was a maniac running around I had already shut the slider in our bedroom.  Anonymous goes out the front door then scoots back in looking sheepish.  Two Police cruisers are parked on our sidewalk.  Eventually they disperse.

The next day our new neighbours, who had their car stolen the first week they had moved in, were having a yard sale.  I asked, “Any ideas on what that was last night?”

Turns out the neighbours were going out to dinner when they saw 7 young lads and one of them said, “Hey they are leaving.”  The neighbours parked their truck down the hill (where the police pursuit ended) and the husband took off his sweater and put on a hat.  He came back to the home and only saw 5 of the guys outside.  The other two were in the backyard.  he asked them what  they were doing and the answer was that they, “Wanted a place to hang out.”

The police eventually came and when they did it was in full force.  Their car was eventually found as well, it was missing the seats and the radiator.  The car was a two door Honda civic late 90’s model apparently the most stolen car.

Movement. Signal’s clean

I hate ants.  Our condo was built on an anthill and no matter how clean you kept it the bastards would find a way in.  When we moved to our new home over a year ago I was pleased that there were no ants.  My pleasure evaporated this week.  The I.E. has been suffering a heat wave and with our general heat this week we have been slammed with humidity.  The ants found a way in and I began eliminating them.  Each day they are in a new spot so I feel somewhat relieved that I am getting to them but I know they are tenacious.  Today I had a Ripley moment.  I saw a few ants but couldn’t figure out where they were coming from.  I examined counters, cabinets, skirting boards then I had my moment when I looked up.  The ceiling!  I have eliminated them and when the kids wake up I will vacuum again.  20 points to the person who identifies who said the title of this post.

Yesterday, I got to go out.  AhouseholdKate, Eclectic Nerdery and Ahouseholdkates momma had an extra ticket to Mary Poppins at the Ahmanson Theatre.  They asked if I wanted to go and with Anonymous’ blessing we head out.  It was a beautiful show and when it comes to this area again I save up so we can all go.

My Morning Thus Far

My morning began a little after two.  Evie was having a bad night, I comforted her put her back to  bed.  About 15 minutes later she was still announcing her discontent.  Anonymous picked her up and then her stomach recoiled.  Anonymous became the old priest and cleaned up Evie while I became the young priest and cleaned up the room.  Around 3 in the morning I used to the online service and scheduled Evie for an appointment.

Since Anonymous had today off we all walked to drop Sean off at Kindergarten.  I introduced Anonymous to Lori/Laurie (not sure how she spells her name) the lollipop Lady/Crossing guard.  Even though she is wearing a Hi-Vis vest and waves a giant STOP sign many seem to see her as a target.  We nearly got mowed down by a grandma in Ford.  There are many that live close but still drive which makes for congestion.  The school is situated a bit on the cock.  There is a T intersection and a main parking lot that is one way.  There are slots on either side and the passage way through is heavily marked Pick up/ Drop Off. Many people either can’t read/comprehend this or choose to ignore it completely.  So there is a huge gang-bang line forming since there is an 11 seater  daycare van which is disembarking its passengers.  Another grandma this time in a silver trans-am is trying to back out of one of the spaces.  The van leaves the car behind the van is moving forward when grandma closes her eyes and just guns it!  I know that they will hit I even yell, “You’re going to hit the car!” The guy behind has time to honk but doesn’t in fact he is trying to make the hole left by the van! It was one of the moments when you’re brain screams “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!” then “What the Foxtrot do I do about it?” I’ve had this moment before when I saw a woman robbing the GameStop.  She was putting games in her handbag while her boyfriend was keeping the clerk busy.  I saw what was happening but couldn’t believe it, I even went up to her and asked, “What games you getting?” She bolted and I yelled, “She’s stealing your games” the clerks ignored me since the jewel cases are empty. She had broken into a kisok/stand and was helping herself to Gameboy/PSP used games.

After dropping Sean off we walked back and less than a block from our house we see an oddity.  A cinderblock retaining wall seemed to have some damage as we walked closer we were approached by a Policeman and a Civilian.  I point and ask, “Earthquake?” Now there have been some earthquakes recently but how the hell do you ask politely, “Who smashed the wall?”

The civilian who had a bandaged leg told us, “Pursuit, guy came down the hill turned right hit the perpetual puddle that is there and smashed into the wall.”  The guy even chased the driver since he tried to leg it.

Things have calmed down, the pediatrician checked over Evie.  No signs of infection or fever.  She asked about her feeding habits and it is most likely that Evie had way too much milk before bed.  Our girl is to be milk free for an hour to two hours before bed.  Lets see what the afternoon brings.