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Full Circle

Yesterday the Anonymous household was out and Sean was wiggling his jaw.  We then noticed that his front bottom tooth was very loose.  I went to the dentist today and the dentist was trying to calm me down with some light banter.  I’m bloody terrified of these wonderful professionals even though I have never had any dental work done.  Sean and Anonymous will be going to the dentist in a few weeks and I told him that Sean was in the stages of losing a tooth.  When I got home I was curious to see how loose it was.  I asked Sean to open his mouth and I saw that his new tooth has erupted and is right behind his row of baby teeth.  It is gratifying as a parent to see this.  We have come a long way from Sean in his red onesie that G-Jen bought seeing the first ever tooth make its appearance.


My Morning Thus Far

My morning began a little after two.  Evie was having a bad night, I comforted her put her back to  bed.  About 15 minutes later she was still announcing her discontent.  Anonymous picked her up and then her stomach recoiled.  Anonymous became the old priest and cleaned up Evie while I became the young priest and cleaned up the room.  Around 3 in the morning I used to the online service and scheduled Evie for an appointment.

Since Anonymous had today off we all walked to drop Sean off at Kindergarten.  I introduced Anonymous to Lori/Laurie (not sure how she spells her name) the lollipop Lady/Crossing guard.  Even though she is wearing a Hi-Vis vest and waves a giant STOP sign many seem to see her as a target.  We nearly got mowed down by a grandma in Ford.  There are many that live close but still drive which makes for congestion.  The school is situated a bit on the cock.  There is a T intersection and a main parking lot that is one way.  There are slots on either side and the passage way through is heavily marked Pick up/ Drop Off. Many people either can’t read/comprehend this or choose to ignore it completely.  So there is a huge gang-bang line forming since there is an 11 seater  daycare van which is disembarking its passengers.  Another grandma this time in a silver trans-am is trying to back out of one of the spaces.  The van leaves the car behind the van is moving forward when grandma closes her eyes and just guns it!  I know that they will hit I even yell, “You’re going to hit the car!” The guy behind has time to honk but doesn’t in fact he is trying to make the hole left by the van! It was one of the moments when you’re brain screams “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!” then “What the Foxtrot do I do about it?” I’ve had this moment before when I saw a woman robbing the GameStop.  She was putting games in her handbag while her boyfriend was keeping the clerk busy.  I saw what was happening but couldn’t believe it, I even went up to her and asked, “What games you getting?” She bolted and I yelled, “She’s stealing your games” the clerks ignored me since the jewel cases are empty. She had broken into a kisok/stand and was helping herself to Gameboy/PSP used games.

After dropping Sean off we walked back and less than a block from our house we see an oddity.  A cinderblock retaining wall seemed to have some damage as we walked closer we were approached by a Policeman and a Civilian.  I point and ask, “Earthquake?” Now there have been some earthquakes recently but how the hell do you ask politely, “Who smashed the wall?”

The civilian who had a bandaged leg told us, “Pursuit, guy came down the hill turned right hit the perpetual puddle that is there and smashed into the wall.”  The guy even chased the driver since he tried to leg it.

Things have calmed down, the pediatrician checked over Evie.  No signs of infection or fever.  She asked about her feeding habits and it is most likely that Evie had way too much milk before bed.  Our girl is to be milk free for an hour to two hours before bed.  Lets see what the afternoon brings.

Oh No, Not Again!

The heat here in the I.E. has driven ants inside our house in search of water.  Yesterday they found a way in through an electrical outlet.

Today after I came back with Evie from shopping I found them on the kitchen counter.  Before children I would have busted out the can of Raid.  Since having children I use different methods to get rid of bugs.  I didn’t have lemon grass or mint on hand but I read that febreze is a good way to kill ants and other bugs and I had some.  I sprayed down the counter when Evie rushes up and decides to run her fingers through it and then shove them in her mouth.  She then starts to cough and cough.  I grab the bottle and it directs me to call poison control which I do.  I have called before when Sean wiped his face with a surface wipe

and when he drank shampoo and for myself.  The people asked how long the event happened and how much she ingested which was minimal next to negligible. Evie was fine after a cup of milk and had none of the symptoms the operator had warned me of.  Another win for poison control!

July Recap

So July was mixture of things, good things, funny things, whiskey tango foxtrot things.  My Dad had his gallbladder removed early in the month and since his wife was on call at the hospital I was a back-up. Just to make sure he took his pain medication and carried no fever or other sign of infection.  It was the first time I had ever spent the night away from Evelyn since she was born.   I have been away from Sean and all of those were hospital admittances.

After carefully weighing our options we sold the Tardis. CarMax was a great experience and the Tardis didn’t stay on the lot a week until someone bought it.  I truly hope that the Tardis is giving some young teenager or a new family some joy. For us Galactica is now our primary vehicle.

I came home one day and found a Scorpion in our kitchen sink.  Yes I did type scorpion not spider. Bugs on a whole don’t weird me out, don’t get me wrong if they were in my bed I would freak but on the most part I can deal with them.  Scorpions are tough suckers!  I don’t own boots so I couldn’t smash it and if it was a pregnant female smashing them causes the babies to run out.  Get this you cannot drown them, they can survive in pools.  This thing rivals the Xenomorph running around the Nostromo!  So I sprayed it with bleach cleaner it squirmed for a bit before dying and then I could get rid of it.

My children continue to surprise me and I know that sounds cliche but it is true!  They are so different and the same but the difference on this particular day reminded me of that nursery rhyme of Jack Sprat. However, in my universe it goes

Evelyn Claire could eat no pasta and Sean James could eat no beans.  Between the two they picked the plate clean

I had my six month surveillance by my GP as instructed by the genetic counselors and all seems well.  My GP is actually going to send my case to the radiology department for their input.  According to him I am in the weird age bracket where there are a whole host of opinions of what to do.  So he is going to get the radiologists opinion.

The last day of July saw the last lesson with Sean and his swim instructor, she has made Sean water safe and proficient and we can’t thank her enough!  Sean has had her since just before he turned 4.  It is her last summer at CSUSB before she goes off to bigger, better and more grand things.  Sean made her card and a key-chain and she posed for a photo.

Box Tops

When I became a parent I knew that I would have plenty of responsibility.  I knew that my husband and I were going to be entrusted with rearing decent human beings.  What I didn’t realize was being blindsided by the Box Tops.  Sean is not a regular to preschool.  He only goes twice a week for a few hours.  We would receive the newsletters and then a sheet was circulated with race-cars on it.  If your child filled up the sheet then they would get to pick a prize from the treasure trunk.  Sean was very adamant that he wanted to participate. So I scoured our pantry and I found Labels for Education I found a quite a few only to realize that these were not the Box Tops that were required.  So I set to work.  The stumbling block I faced was that most of things we purchase are from Costco namely the Kirkland items.  So no real Box Tops to be had.  I did find some on some sandwich baggies but that was it.  So it became a game, when I shopped for odds and ends I would look for box top items.  I had Anonymous scour his office since labels and envelopes come with Box Top coupons.  Essentially I damn near sold my soul (again) to find these things.  Well Sean came home with another sheet so here we go!  My friend AhouseholdKate told me that she found some in her classroom and she’ll let me have them for Sean.  Only Nine more spots to fill up!

Climb a mountain

I have an odd assortment of songs that I have coalesced into a list and I play when I’m cleaning up the house.  What amazes me is the kids like it too.  Evelyn is  particular to Jump Into The Fire by Nilsson.  Whenever I hear it I think of Ray Liotta’s epic voice-over in Goodfellas.   Sean is particular to the bands MUSE and Foster the People.  They both like Grounds For Divorce by Elbow and Sail by AWOLNation.  Strange bunch those kids…exactly like their Mother.

What week is it?

I’ll try and get back on track with my weeks. Things have been interesting.  Evelyn didn’t seem happy since her ear infection.  A week after the appointment that diagnosed her infection she was seen for a well baby visit.  The doctor checked her ears and she still had fluid.  So she has been bumped into another class of antibiotics.  The same thing happened with Sean.  So Evelyn began a new treatment and she is much happier.  On Tuesday actually it was early Wednesday Sean woke us up complaining of ear pain.  We put him back to bed after getting him comfortable.  At three in the morning I booked him an appointment at Kaiser and two hours later he came to us and said, “I ruined my pillow!” he had vomited.

So the doctor confirmed another ear infection.  January and February have been a merry-go-round of doctors visits and ear infections.  I’ve never known anything like it!  I’ve now colour coded my whiteboard/calendar to keep track of the dosing schedules.  Sean only had 4 infections throughout his four years but in the last two months hes had two (bringing the total now to 6).  Evelyn had her first it just lingered longer.  I know that kids get sick and with Sean being in pre-school twice a week I know he will bring home something.  Also having a sibling they will pass germs to each other.  I’m just astonished at the amount of pediatric visits I have booked.  Sean and Evelyn’s pediatrician has seen us nearly every week!  In fact next week Evelyn will have visit to check to see if her ears are better.