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Not the Muse but the new fangled band organ mostly associated with carousels.  The Merry-go-round maybe slowing to a halt tomorrow.  For a brief re-cap, our roof has been in need of repair since we bought our home back in December of 2004.  One of the many reasons we proceeded with the purchase of this place was that we were assured that the roof would be fixed at the expense of the HOA.  Well we are approaching six years!!!  I have battled with the HOA, attended meetings and dialed countless numbers.  Well last week the board approved the proposal to put a center drain in our roof which should eliminate our problem.  After some phone calls last week and this week I was finally able to wrestle a date/time for the repair–Tomorrow morning from 8-9 a.m.

Fingers crossed


Are you high?

Finally got a phone call from the roofing company today.  The guy on the end of the phone was either clueless about his job or his mind was significantly altered by a pharmaceutical.

“Yeah, Hi.  We got a work order for a leaking roof…uh…uh…can we schedule that for tomorow or Thursday?”

“Certainly, I’ll be home all day tomorrow.”

“Uh…uh…well we have another roof in that complex tomorrow. Uh…uh…uh…well.  Let me call you back and then we’ll schedule someone to look at your roof.”

“Actually, you have been out before and have seen the roof.  You have recommended that either the cricket be extended or a drain be placed in the center of the roof.”

“Oh, yeah! There is a lot of history here in this file including pictures…I’ll call you back.”

Still waiting for schedule phone call.

The Front

Well our new HOA board member has already made more progress than the others that our roofing problems may be over soon (don’t hold your breath though).  Our yard is put together so you would never know that there was a gaping hole in the front.  However, you can tell from the inside.  I asked Anonymous the other day to move the sofa away from the window.  (I’m a weakling and can only move the love seat.) Well when it was moved we saw new damage.  The drywall will probably have to be replaced as will the carpet.  This whole situation is so awful it’s actually funny!  I’ve been humming the Empire Carpet theme song and we’ve looked into other providers of flooring.  There’s a running theme of no prices but all have a complimentary home estimate/inspection person.  Well if I’ve done our taxes right we should be able to fix our bomb shelter!

Merry Go Round 30 Second Soundblast

Yesterday when I had finished posting the latest installment of the Merry-go-round series I noticed our gate open.  In comes a gentleman with a paint can and roller.  I open the door to greet him.

“Hey, I’m here to paint the siding.”  He even gestrures with the roller to the side of the house.

I’m trying not to laugh since the weather is crap and it is drizzling.  He seems to notice this and looks up to the sky and then to the eave/overhang.  “Does that provide any shelter?”

Now I’m really trying not to laugh since the eave/overhang is really just for aesthetics.  Anyway he goes about his business and paints the siding which was the exact same color that we had painted it.  I guess they agreed it was the right color after all!

Merry Go Round Remix

When Anonymous with the help of others dug our front yard out to remove the stump, a piece of siding needed to be removed.  Anonymous and I were unsure as to whether we were responsible for the replacement siding or the HOA.  We contacted the HOA and explained our problem and really didn’t hear back from them.  Finally they sent out a termite inspector to survey the damage.  We asked if they had a piece of siding in their warehouse and we got the usual, “we’ll get back to you.”

Meanwhile a month goes by and Fall comes so our anxiety level is starting to rise since we have a frakking hole in the side of our condo.  Anonymous e-mails the HOA while I attend a HOA meeting.  At this meeting we just ask for an answer.  We are more than willing to fix the problem ourselves we just need confirmation that we can do so.  The next day I recieve a phone call that the HOA will indeed be fixing our siding problems.  I call Anonymous and we breathe a sigh of relief.

A few days later two gentlemen arrive and inform me, “We’re here to fix your siding.”  I say, “great” and wait in the yard to see if they need an extension cord or something for their tools.  They notice that I’m hanging around and then say, “Oh, were going to get the siding.”  I excuse myself and head back inside.  Three hours later they have not returned so I go out with Sean to get provisions.  When we come home I have a niggling feeling about the yard.  When I open the front door I notice something stuck in the screen door, it’s an invoice.  It tells me that nearly $600 of work had been completed.

When I look at the work I notice that the new piece of siding is the wrong texture as the rest of the pieces and hasn’t even been painted.  The siding has been secured properly and expertly caulked and sealed.  I laugh at this and wait for Anonymous to get home because I know he won’t believe it.  When Anonymous did get home he really didn’t believe it.  “Did you know that’s a $45 piece of siding that you can get a Lowe’s?  I know the price because that’s what I was going to buy to fix the hole!”

Later that night Anonymous sends an e-mail to the HOA letting them know that the price on the invoice really doesn’t reflect the work done.  A couple of days go by and we take our left over paint in a small tin, from when the condos were built, to Lowe’s to get it matched so we can paint the siding.  Now one must take into account that a fresh coat of paint is going to look darker since the rest of the pieces have been subjected to years of wear by the elements.

Last Thursday there is a knock on my door, it’s the same two gentlemen and they are pissed off.  “Yeah we’re here to fix the siding… that piece we put on was temporary.”

Nowhere on the invoice did it state the work was temporary.

The lead guy looks at the house, “Did you paint this?”

“yes” I say sweetly.

“It’s the wrong color.” He tells me in a macho tone.

“Actually it isn’t.”  I point to faded portion of the house.  “This color is actually the same since it just has been subjected to the weather.”

The guys body language screams panic but I can’t really tell since he’s wearing sunglasses.  “yeah ok right,  uh I need the code for the paint.”

“There is no code.” I tell him nonchalantly.

“There has to be.”  Now there is definitely panic.

“Nope, we got the paint matched from a sample.” I proceed to get the small 8oz can and show him. “as you can see this paint is quite old.  All of the area codes for southern California are listed as 714 from San Diego to San Bernardino.”

“Well we have the piece of siding we had to get it milled.”  He produces a hospital white piece of siding and then goes about his business tearing out the temporary siding to replace it with the new pristine milled siding.  When they were done I was informed, “We’ll paint it.”

“Thats ok we can do it, we have the paint after all.”  I say to hopefully get this guy in a better mood.

“Nope you painted it once we’ll paint it this time.”

So I can’t wait to see what type of paint these guys come up with!

The Merry-Go-Round spins on!

The Merry Go Round From Hell

On Friday I phoned the HOA hoping to get someone, anyone, to discuss the roof situation.  Since the representative for this complex an extremely high rate of turnover I have no clue of who I need to speak to or what extension.  I can’t get ahold of an operator so I end up leaving a message.  A detailed message that went something like this.

My name is Daalny and this call is regarding unit 48 in Figment Complex on 123 Nowhere Street in regards to our roof.  The roof has been in need of replacement since 2004.  In 2008 the roof was finally replaced.  However, the replacement was not done correctly since the roof still leaks.  Could you please call me back at 999-999-9999 to resolve this problem.  Once again my name is Daalny and my number is 999-999-9999 thank you.

So this afternoon I’m outside on the porch trying to get a doctor’s appointment for Sean.  I’m almost done with my appointment when two men bark at me over the gate “Sandra? We’re here for the air conditioner!” I motion for them to give me a minute since I’m on the phone, I get the call done as quickly as possible.  I hang up and address the two gentleman, “First of all I’m not Sandra and second I didn’t call about an air conditioner.  What unit are you here for?”  (I ask this because I always get contractors showing up at my door for another unit)  They respond “48” and gesture to the number on the front of the gate.

“I called the HOA on Friday but that was for a roof repair.”

The two look at me strangely, “A roof repair?”

“Yeah the roof has been needing to be replaced since 2004.”

A look of shock and horror pass over their faces before they turn around and bolt away.