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I live in the IE (Inland Empire) San Bernardino to be exact.  Our town went to worldwide fame/infamy with the December 2nd attack last year.  I remember that day, the schools being on lockdown and people meeting up to offer support and exchange information.  I bring this up because before this event and especially after I have been asked if we’ll move.

Since then I have championed for San Bernardino since it’s not that bad here.  Granted there are some dodgy areas yet you will find that anywhere!  However, an event occurred this week that has me not cheering as loud.  My son’s bicycle was stolen from our backyard. Someone would have to had climbed over that metal gate or come off from the hill on top.

It’s a frustrating and heartbreaking all at once.  Some might say, “you should have locked it up.”  Perhaps you’re right.  However, part of me is outraged that a bike on private property, behind a locked gate was taken.

One of the best things to come out of this situation was the outpouring of caring.  People around me saw that I was bummed and asked.  I replied, “My kid’s bike was stolen.”  Then they asked which kid.  When I told them it was my son’s their faces fell.  They have plenty of girls bikes collecting dust.  It is wonderful that they were willing to offer and because of that I want to champion for them.




Tired is the new black

I think everyone is tired.  We can all use some more sleep.  We have apps for white noise, machines that produce it and activity monitors that also monitor sleep.  I bring this up since I notice that in many circles it seems that the more tired you are the better it seems you are.  You’re not really living unless you’re bone weary from ferrying children across town for multiple activities, attending a social engagement, and taking a cooking class. The more tired you are = how important/exciting you are.

8 Years

In 2007 I changed my name. It was the second time I had done so. The first time was 2003 when I married. 4 years later I changed it again when I became a Mom. It is rare that I hear my given name. For the past 8 years I have been an at-home mom.

Tomorrow, is something new. I will have both children in school. I will drop both of them off and pick them up. I’ve written before about landmarks, tomorrow will be one of those landmarks in my life. I hope with this change that other landmarks will appear on the horizon. I’m also trying not to get ahead of myself. Yes, I will have time alone but I won’t be able to paint my entire house in that time. I need to be rational and logical in my approach to things. Many of my peers have said that when both of their children were in school they would celebrate with champagne. I always said, “On that day, I’m going to be able to fold laundry in 20 minutes instead of two hours!”

I don’t actually know what tomorrow will bring. Will I increase my domestic goddess powers? Will I find a part time employment? Will I devote more time to volunteering at the school? I honestly don’t know. All I do know is that tomorrow will be different.

The Return

When Anonymous and first married we had mish-mash of items in our apartment.  We soon bought things together to fill our apartment and then our first home.  One item I particularly enjoyed was our coffee table.  It had slots for magazines and remotes.  The top was kept clear save for some votive candles and drinking glasses (on a coaster of course).  Having our first child and breaking my leg necessitated the removal of the coffee table.  We had in the garage before a giving it to a neighbour who had expressed desire in it.  Another item which was  removed from our home was stemware.  We had a few pieces yet with children and moving to a new pieces were lost.  For awhile we had these stemless plastic type wine glasses but we never really used them.

On Friday we went out and purchased a new coffee table and stemware.  It’s nothing fancy, the table is not some great piece of carpentry made from rare fallen wood.  The stemware is not hand-blown by some artisan.  However, the return of these items has made me feel that I am once again an adult.  Our children are old/tall enough not to run headlong into the furniture.  Also they understand that plenty of other rooms are designated for play.  After 8 years we have a coffee table and I feel genuine happiness.  It’s true what is said about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.  With the base needs met the wistful wishes of a coffee table can be fulfilled.

Once in a Lifetime

Now perhaps I’m just being nostalgic but the 80’s had some fine music.  Going through my library and listened to Once in a Lifetime by Talking Heads.  As kid I thought it was just a funny song, now I listen to it and think of people going through a midlife crisis.  I’m 35, mid-life is my age.  I don’t mind being halfway to 70 in fact I like it!  Yet sometimes I find myself asking, “How, did I get here?”

My blog posts have been wan of late, (all right it’s been nearly six months).  It’s not that things are boring I just find myself giving the excuse of no time.  That is a bit of lie, I do have time I just don’t apply it to this.  There are a lot of Mommy blogs out there and I don’t want to become another woman bemoaning and praising child-rearing in one breath all of the time. It’s strange that while sometimes aspects of my life infuriate me (this happens to all of us) there are people that would love to have this.

A woman I knew in a Company I danced with is having fertility issues.  It’s such a benign term, fertility issues.  As I read about her experiences I’m struck by her deep longing.  I’m sure she has asked, “How, did I get here?”

I do hope her and her husband’s journey is not to fraught with heartbreak.


In January of this year I signed up with a running club called the Moon Joggers.  Runners from all over the world are banding together to run miles in order for us to reach the planet Venus.  I pledged 500 miles and today I was able to reach that goal.


More things seen in the IE

I’m glad I have the kids with me for they are able to bear witness to some of the things I see. One morning I woke up and went the kitchen for coffee when a brown blur launched over our brick wall and into the front yard. I was so taken aback I blinked hard and wondered if I was still asleep. The brown blur then coalesced into a form–a coyote. I went the front window where the coyote was just hanging out on the lawn. I shouted for Sean to come over and see (to confirm I wasn’t crazy). It then jogged off the lawn across our driveway.

One day we were coming home from an outing when I noticed a man at a corner waiting patiently for his turn to cross the street. He had a bike with him that seemed odd. It then occurred to me that it was half a bike. “It’s unicycle” I blurted. The kids then asked, “What’s a unicycle?” and I was able to point.

Lastly I was driving Sean back from the dentist. I was about to change lanes so I checked my mirror when I caught sight of something very large and flapping. The car passed me and on top there was a huge stuffed gorilla So with unicycles and a giant stuffed toys the carnival must be in town!! Don’t take my word for it, I have pictures.