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I watched the documentary How To Die In Oregon the other night and it brought back emotions from when my mother and my mother in law were dying from cancer.  It also brought back to the forefront the idea of the bucket list.  I try to maintain the awareness that everyday that I wake up and can do something is a great day.

I’m going to be starting my running program again.  I had started after my gallbladder surgery but a week into it I began spitting stitches.  Where my internal dissolvable stitches began working their way to the surface.  I was advised to stop running let wounds close again, wait to make sure everything was closed and then start again.  I’m fully healed now and am ready to go running.  I want to be a person that if they say something they do it and so far I have been that person.

I given myself a kick in the ass by registering for Diva 5k in Ontario, CA. The race is in December so hopefully I’ll be fighting fit well before then.  I want to be able to say I’ve run at least one race.  If this race leads to others that would be fantastic.  If this race does not lead to others that would also be fantastic in the sense that I actually accomplished something I said I was going to do.  So far I’ve checked off a lot on my bucket list, I’ve gotten my Bachelors and my Masters, danced en pointe, joined the dance company, gotten married and had children.  I still have to see Egypt and write a book but I think that can be tabled.  I hope in under six months to write about running a race.


Movement. Signal’s clean

I hate ants.  Our condo was built on an anthill and no matter how clean you kept it the bastards would find a way in.  When we moved to our new home over a year ago I was pleased that there were no ants.  My pleasure evaporated this week.  The I.E. has been suffering a heat wave and with our general heat this week we have been slammed with humidity.  The ants found a way in and I began eliminating them.  Each day they are in a new spot so I feel somewhat relieved that I am getting to them but I know they are tenacious.  Today I had a Ripley moment.  I saw a few ants but couldn’t figure out where they were coming from.  I examined counters, cabinets, skirting boards then I had my moment when I looked up.  The ceiling!  I have eliminated them and when the kids wake up I will vacuum again.  20 points to the person who identifies who said the title of this post.

Yesterday, I got to go out.  AhouseholdKate, Eclectic Nerdery and Ahouseholdkates momma had an extra ticket to Mary Poppins at the Ahmanson Theatre.  They asked if I wanted to go and with Anonymous’ blessing we head out.  It was a beautiful show and when it comes to this area again I save up so we can all go.


That is what I married a gentleman.  I haven’t been feeling too grand for a couple of days.  On Tuesday the power was being iffy at CSUSB and at lunch time Anonymous came home with Sean.  I wasn’t up to snuff so with a phone call anonymous took the afternoon.  Yesterday I powered through it but this morning I found myself talking to whomever runs the universe on the great white telephone.  So again my gentleman of a husband stayed home to look after the kids while I stay in bed.  I know in America the saying is get yourself a man not a boy.  Since I’m a Brit I got me a gentleman and not a Yob.

Not A Wind Up

Yesterday I received a nomination for my blog and at first I thought it was a joke-a massive wind up!  I saw the comment in my e-mail but thought it was Spam.  I saw that A Detailed House had won an award  so I gave her a congratulatory cheers.  When I read her post I saw that excavation had been nominated it really didn’t sink in.  You know how people say, “I don’t believe it”? Well I honestly can’t, I started this blog on a dare from my friend.  All the crazy and true things that have happened to me caused my friend Kate to tell me, “Start a blog and document it.”  So I did.  I had no clue anyone would actually read it!


Stuck in the middle

On Wednesdays a movie theatre in the area offers a free movie day.  Generally the films are about 3-5 years old and are kid friendly.  I have been going with a friend and her son who is Sean’s age. I got a text saying she would be late and I thought nothing of it.  I went to the concession stand to buy a popcorn to split.  It was my turn and I approached the counter when I hear a shrill voice, “Come on!  Some of us want to see a movie!!”

I did not recognize the voice and was pissed! As I was turning around I bellowed “You’re bloody rude!”  Well it turns out it was my friend.  Unfortunately there was a woman between her and myself and she thought that we were going to have a throwdown with our three year olds in the middle of the lobby.

Both of us quickly calmed the woman who had started breathing heavily and had broken into a sweat. All that was needed was Stealers Wheel to be playing in the background.

Ah out of the mouth of Mr. N.

With my new haircut I have seen many reactions.  So far all the reactions have come from women.  All recognize the hair is cut and then they remark that I should have done it sooner.  Tonight when I went to see Mr. N.s sister, his mother instantly said, “You got your hair cut!”  Inside the house Mr. N. looks at me curiously before saying, “you like skinnier, what’d you do?”

I said, “I cut my hair off” and proceeded to turn around.

He looked at me again and said, “Is that it?”

I nodded, “Yep, no diet just a haircut.”

He then went back to his computer.  I went to his sisters room and as soon as I entered I hear a teenage shriek, “You cut your hair!! I really like it!”

You gotta love male responses!

Ah To Be Young

Actually not.  Last night Anonymous and I along with Mr. & Mrs. P went to dinner and a movie since it was Mr. P’s birthday.  As we left the cinema after our foray into the world created by the legendary Roddenberry we noticed a huge crowd of kids. The cinema was packed it was opening day for a probable piece of crap Will Ferrell movie and another WhiteCastle/What-happens-in-Vegas/Knocked-up film. High-schoolers perhaps a few undergrads but nonetheless the cinema was buzzing with the sounds of teenagers. I was struck by the language not profanity but the Valley girlish dialogue of teens.  I began asking myself “Was I really like that?”  the answer was probably yes.

I was also taken aback by the fashion these kids are sporting a mix between the sad-neon-message-shirts of the 1980’s mixed with skinny-emo jeans on males with the crotch somewhere down between the thigh at least the shirt covered everything so no underwear was sticking out. Now I remember this junk from the 80’s and the early 90’s and yes I wore some of it but I hated then!  I remember rebelling (due to the fact I hated the stuff and because we had no money to buy clothes) and wearing a pair of white pants my Mom had bought for me at the Goodwill (they were bell bottoms), we should have waited 20 years and I wouldn’t have been laughed at but hey it taught me to fight back (I generally call people names–I still make up nicknames on the fly for people) and not to care what people think.  I remember really wanting a HyperColor when I was 11 and after they went out of fashion about 18 months later they were on-sale at Pic-N-Save my Mom bought me three remembering that I had wanted one but was unaware that they were no longer in.  Not wanting to offend my Mom I wore them and put up with the teasing and perfected my “don’t give a crap what you say face/attitude”.

I was suddenly glad to be freewheeling down to 30 so I at least I can have an excuse to shop in the Grandma section of Gottschalks.  If a teenager gives me lip about my fashion I can fire back “I’m old!  Do you really want me in a pair of acid washed jeans and a ripped up T-shirt?”  Also it was nearing 10 o’clock and I was ready to pass out.  Staying out all night is definetly something for the young, Anonymous and I routinely go to bed around 8 on a Saturday…because we’re old farts.  Ah to be young…I’ll leave it to the young.