Month: September 2016


I live in the IE (Inland Empire) San Bernardino to be exact.  Our town went to worldwide fame/infamy with the December 2nd attack last year.  I remember that day, the schools being on lockdown and people meeting up to offer support and exchange information.  I bring this up because before this event and especially after I have been asked if we’ll move.

Since then I have championed for San Bernardino since it’s not that bad here.  Granted there are some dodgy areas yet you will find that anywhere!  However, an event occurred this week that has me not cheering as loud.  My son’s bicycle was stolen from our backyard. Someone would have to had climbed over that metal gate or come off from the hill on top.

It’s a frustrating and heartbreaking all at once.  Some might say, “you should have locked it up.”  Perhaps you’re right.  However, part of me is outraged that a bike on private property, behind a locked gate was taken.

One of the best things to come out of this situation was the outpouring of caring.  People around me saw that I was bummed and asked.  I replied, “My kid’s bike was stolen.”  Then they asked which kid.  When I told them it was my son’s their faces fell.  They have plenty of girls bikes collecting dust.  It is wonderful that they were willing to offer and because of that I want to champion for them.