End of the world?  Not so much.  In a little over a week it will be end of the year at Sean’s school and the 73 days of summer vacation will commence.  I’m looking forward to it, Evie misses him when he’s at school and I do too.  Now we can have days of science experiments and swim lessons.   Last year  I had my gallbladder out and on the 1st anniversary of that event I found myself back in the emergency room.  This time it wasn’t me.  Anonymous had been playing basketball and sustained a concussion.  Dealing with a 6 foot 3, 13 and half stone man with short term memory loss was entertaining.  

He was treated and released and I was instructed to give him neurological checks.  It was hilarious.  For the first couple of checks I had to wake him every two hours and ask simple questions, such as what’s your name or when is my birthday, which he answered readily.  Around 4 in the morning I guess we were all dopey and wanted sleep.  I nudged anonymous and asked, “Do you know where you are?”  He mumbled, “Uh-huh”.  I laughed at this before asking correctly, “What’s our address?”

He’s recovered since then and I am thankful.  Our lives may not be filled with glamorous trips to exotic places but our lives are full.  As a habit we all go to pick Evie up from preschool.  On one such trip home we were stopped at a red light when a man in a black car came barreling around a corner way too fast.  I guess he was desperate to leave Cal State or was trying to be a bad ass.  He couldn’t negotiate the bend and his car came up on the brick median causing a whole panel of his car to be ripped off.  Behind him a young man in a white car saw it too and wore a look of “You idiot bro!”

Sean and I were on the side closest to the action.  We couldn’t believe it!  I said to Anonymous, “Am I seeing what I think I’m seeing?” Whilst Sean said, “Wow Cool! Did you see that car?”


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