Miss C. was my legs when I was incapacitated for nearly a year.  She helped me be a mom for Sean and she’s a great friend.  Yesterday I went to the inland center to get the final touches for the kids halloween costumes. It was a trial, Evelyn cooperates some.  She’ll walk with me and mostly holds my hand.  However, with all the sparkly-s in the mall there are wandering eyes and legs.  We only stayed for an hour and it was trying but no one died so it was win.  I still needed to go to the fabric shop so I enlisted the help of Miss C.  She was able to corral Evie since the cutting table at the fabric shop rivaled the line at the DMV.  We managed after an hour to procure our items then it came to check out.  Now let me tell you whenever I shop something goes wrong.  The till will break, the item I want will have a bad barcode or no barcode at all (you get the picture).  When I tell people this they roll their eyes or say mockingly, “you’re so dramatic.”

So at the fabric shop we’re at the check out when one of the items I bought is not ringing up a the correct price.  The clerk leaves and then comes back to confirm that I am right about the price.  He tells me to cancel my transaction which I do, I push the red button then confirm the cancellation but the transaction goes through.  The clerk tells me he’ll just return the item then sell it back at the correct price.  The till then dies.  When the screen comes back it says download the clerk is stumped and asks for help.  I tell Miss C. about my curse and she smiles.  Eventually we are able to leave.  Next we go to pick up the pictures we had taken.  I go up the counter give my name  they find my pictures but the CD is missing.  I ask for them to look for it.  They can’t find it.  Another clerk gets on a terminal and it dies, she gets on the phone.  Beside me Miss C. is chuckling, I just give her a look screaming see-I-told-you-it-was-true.  She gives me a look screaming back Hey-I-never-doubted-you-it’s-just too-funny.  They finally find my CD and we are able to leave.


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