Yesterday as I was dropping Sean off at school two dogs came near.  These were pit bull puppies still rather large but juveniles nonetheless.  I have taught Sean to stay still around animals that he is not familiar with.  These pups were looking for someone to play with unfortunately due to their size and the bad rep pit bulls have some children were terrified.  The kids began screaming the type of scream that makes me think of cheerleaders on a roller coaster.  The dogs think, “hey more playmates”  One kid runs and the dog knocks him down.  A kindergarten teacher who is about as tall as I am leaps into the air and manages to tackle and hold one of the dogs down.  The principal grabbed a megaphone and gave instructions to the other pupils to stay still.  Sean had climbed a hill with two of his classmates and I could hear him saying, “be a statue”.  Soon the dogs were rounded up.  Later that day through a flyer distributed it turned out 4 students had been sent to the nurse to be checked for nips and scratches while one student had to be sent home since the dog tackled him and he wound up slamming his head into the pavement.  Local police and animal control were notified.  Please, please, please be careful with your pets.  I do know that sometimes dogs rush out or get loose but please have them identifiable.  There were no collars on these pups.  With the fear surrounding pit bulls today there must be a higher level of vigilance by owners.  


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