My board

Ahouseholdkate taught me how to make message boards.  I have seen them in shops but I never found a size I liked, or the pattern I disliked or the price was to high.  With her help I found the perfect size, the least obnoxious Star Trek fabric I could find and some sheer ribbon.  We made this together and I hung it on the wall next to my bed. It has become my inspiration board, I put postcards or pictures I like.  For the longest time I had my race paperwork on the board as a reminder of what I’m working towards and to make sure I get out of bed to run.

Last night Anonymous and I had a rare dinner out.  Before we headed out we looked for deals or new restaurants to try and Anonymous discovered that there would be a local race.  We talked about it over dinner, I had already ran that day and usually I rest on the day after.  This race would fall on my rest day but I was tempted.  

This morning (Sunday 25th of August) I woke up early around half past four.  I made coffee then made the decision to go.  I got dressed, got in the car and head out.  I ran my first 5k and got a decent time 31:06 and that was even stopping to help a young lad who had fallen behind me.  I was amazed that no one was stopping to help him.  I went over made sure he was ok.  His knees and shins took quite a beating.  After a few minutes a race official came and was able to help and I was able to continue.  I came home with a smile on my face and put my runner’s bib and medal on my board next to my race paperwork for December.Image


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