Peace of Mind

I believe that Peace of Mind is one of the most priceless things in the universe.  Last week Evie had a bump on her arm.  At first it looked like a mosquito bite, days later she got one on her foot which scabbed over as it should.  The one on her arm did not.  I took her to Kaiser and it turned out she had a cyst which the doctor treated and everything was ok.  I got peace of mind from that visit.  

I bought my brother a RoadID since he does road races on his bicycle.  I know that he takes precautions to stay safe but I also know that others do not.  There have been many unfortunate incidents of deaths of drivers hitting cyclists and runners.  My brother photocopied his licence and placed it under his bike seat but again I have heard too many stories of bikes being mangled or first responders not looking at the bike for ID.  My brother is not a John Doe and I feel better that now he has an ID that medics will look for if something happens.  

This weekend we visited some old friends and she asks me what I was up to.  I told her I was running and she asked me if I ran with anyone.  When I said no I could see panic in her eyes.  I tried to ease her discomfort by telling her that I run during the daytime and on the same route.  I don’t blast my music and am mindful of my surroundings (at least I hope I am).  That incident had me ordering my own Road ID.  It is now on my left wrist so if something happens to me I have information on me.  Now others have peace of mind.


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