I watched the documentary How To Die In Oregon the other night and it brought back emotions from when my mother and my mother in law were dying from cancer.  It also brought back to the forefront the idea of the bucket list.  I try to maintain the awareness that everyday that I wake up and can do something is a great day.

I’m going to be starting my running program again.  I had started after my gallbladder surgery but a week into it I began spitting stitches.  Where my internal dissolvable stitches began working their way to the surface.  I was advised to stop running let wounds close again, wait to make sure everything was closed and then start again.  I’m fully healed now and am ready to go running.  I want to be a person that if they say something they do it and so far I have been that person.

I given myself a kick in the ass by registering for Diva 5k in Ontario, CA. The race is in December so hopefully I’ll be fighting fit well before then.  I want to be able to say I’ve run at least one race.  If this race leads to others that would be fantastic.  If this race does not lead to others that would also be fantastic in the sense that I actually accomplished something I said I was going to do.  So far I’ve checked off a lot on my bucket list, I’ve gotten my Bachelors and my Masters, danced en pointe, joined the dance company, gotten married and had children.  I still have to see Egypt and write a book but I think that can be tabled.  I hope in under six months to write about running a race.


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