The Phone

It has been a staple of many comedians to talk about children and telephones.  What I want to talk  about is how other people don’t seem to understand this even ones with children themselves.  I can not have a conversation on the phone with my children around.  As soon as it rings it is open season for them to scream/ask me for something/talk to me.  One parent called me to try and have a conversation and I was very curt.  He got upset that I wasn’t chewing the fat and I told him, “I can’t chit chat with the kids around.”  he replied with, “They have to sleep sometime.” A few hours after bedtime a phonecall will wake them up because they hear my voice.  I literally can not speak on the telephone.  I have explained the phone multiple times but they just do not grasp the concept.  I have walked from room to room and they follow, I have shut the door to a room and they hurl their bodies against it.  Anonymous has told Sean, “You can’t bug mommy when she is on the phone do you understand?”  Of course we get the parrot answer of,”Yes” but it doesn’t sink in.  I received a phone call from my neighbor yesterday and sure as the sun will rise as soon as it rang Sean decides that’s the perfect time to ask me for cereal.  The frantic waving to get him to go away goes unnoticed so he talks louder.  The phone is one of the cursed items in the universe I am sure of it.


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