I’m a fan of the fan

Anonymous installed a whole house fan/attic fan a couple of months ago and I’m in love with the thing.  It blows out all the hot air and sucks in the cooler air at night.  So far we have not had to have the AirCon on to combat the IE heat.  However, it does have some drawbacks.  

In order for it to run you must open windows and sliding glass doors.  So in our bedroom we have our slider cracked open at night.  Since it is open you can hear the crickets chirping, the occasional dog barking or people conversing while walking up or down the hill.

I woke up early this morning and heard a strange sound.  You know the sound a cat makes when it his hacking up a hair ball?  Well it kinda sounded like that but much deeper.  So unless a large cat escaped from a traveling zoo or circus I’m guessing that perhaps it was a dog or coyote trying to hurl up something.  I tried to go back to sleep only for it to start up again.  Around 4 I got up.  Still love the whole house fan though.


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