Since the age of 30 I have been seeing my GP for six month screenings for breast cancer.  Today was another one of those screenings.  My GP feels that due to our diligence that we can now do the screenings annually instead of biannually.  It feels strange, I had gotten used to having these screenings and it felt almost comforting to be checked.  I think it will take a little adjustment to see the annual exam more positively than I do at the moment.  I alternate between feeling great that we don’t have to watch so closely but at the same time I feel hesitant that something will be missed.  My GP spent half an hour talking with me about my history and other things.  He showed me my chart and I have lost ten pounds in a year, he reviewed my gallbladder surgery and even told me how to use laundry detergent bottles as free-weights to help facilitate exercise.

What was also interesting about this visit was that while I was at Kaiser Fontana the rest of the household was Kaiser Redlands.  Two weeks ago Sean had pinkeye which Anonymous and I were pretty sure Evelyn caught.  The doctor confirmed it this morning.  So once again we get to ride the Kaiser merry-go-round with illness.  However, each time we go and the kids are diagnosed with some that CAN be treated easily we win the brass ring.


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