When I had my post operative appointment my general surgeon told me I could start training for a marathon if I wished.  It got me thinking about the last time I ran.  I loved running and I stopped when I was big pregnant with Sean and haven’t run since then.  Wednesday I went for my first run in six years.  Felt pretty good, I woke up early to run this morning but right after I got out of bed Evelyn got up so I’ll run tonight instead.  I don’t know what my ultimate goal is, I have no clue whether I will participate in a 5k or some-other run.  I think what I am after is the peace that comes with a run.  Yes, I’m mindful of traffic and other people but there is this clearing of thoughts from your head, it’s quite nice.     As for Evelyn she went to Kaiser yesterday, for the past couple of days she has mentioned that her ear hurt so I took her in.  Beginnings of an infection so we are taking care of it.  


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