second most painful

So yesterday I was puttering around with Sean and Evelyn.  I made a late breakfast ate it then thought nothing of it.  Later I got the worst stomach ache.  Right above my navel then it started to move towards the right. I gobbled some tums but that made it worse.  I took tylenol still no relief. My two friends both have had their appendix out so I thought that it was now my turn.  I called Anonymous but I couldn’t get through, I called the front desk and a search party went out to find him.  My stomach hurt so bad that I called Ahouseholdkate thinking that she could come over and I could drive myself.  Ahouseholdkate was en-route when Anonymous called. He came home and took me to the hospital.

By the time I got there I felt a bit better so the voice of my Mother starting yapping at me.  “It’s only wind!”  The triage nurse had me sit down she placed her fingers below my ribcage and pushed.  I yelped, then she simply stated “Gallbladder.”

Anonymous took the kids to Ahouseholdkate’s house while I had tests run.  My ER nurse was betting on appendicitis.  I had an ultrasound then the results came in–Gallstones.  In my minds eye I could see my mother mouthing “sorry”.  So in the future I will most likely become a member of the parts missing club.

I must say this episode was the second most painful experience I’ve had.  The first being the broken leg and the third being childbirthImage


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