Another Circle

In January of 2012 Evie had croup.  For the past week she has been battling a cold, she developed a cough and while it did remind me a bit of croup there was no stridor.  That nasty high pitched wheeze that tickles along your spine and makes your brain itch.  Nonetheless, I booked her in today with another pediatrician (I had an appt. for monday with her regular GP) I didn’t want to wait any longer.  Turns out she has croup again, tis the season for it.  Also I learned that it is possible and common for croup to not be accompanied by a stridor in its more milder forms.  So another round of steroids for my poorly lass and hopefully she’ll be feeling better soon.  Today was an interesting mix since Anonymous had to go to Kaiser for his own needs however, it was Kaiser Fontana. I picked Sean up from School and we all went to Kaiser Redlands for the pediatrician.  All in all it was pretty painless and I have peace of mind for a little while longer.


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