Breaking in to the New Year

This post has been in the works for a while.  Our new year was pretty uneventful which was nice.  There were some bouts of drunken whooping but nothing that woke up the kids.  Gunfire and fireworks were minimal which was nice.  One saturday our household decided to go out and visit the Ahouseholdkate and her brood. As we left I did a lap of the house making sure windows and doors were shut and the like.

Fast forward a few hours later we’re leaving Ahouseholdkate and we get Hamburger Arrow take-out (In-N-Out) for dinner.  We get home and enter the house and Sean says, “What’s that noise?”  I thought the dishwasher had broken turns out the washer is fine it’s the sink that is running.  My stomach drops, I didn’t leave the water on.  I look above the sink and the window is gone.  Anonymous goes to check the house I drop the food and grab the kids and we go outside.  Our neighbors had just gotten home and Kim with her lovely Back east accent goes, “Mike! Holy shit their window is gone!”  We are ushered inside and  Anonymous turns off the gas turns out this F-ing F stepped on the pipe to scramble over the wall to get away.

The police come out and we’re given a case number. Apparently the Police tell there has been an increase in break-ins due to the economy and since our Gov. Jerry Brown released the Non-Violent offenders.   They tried to force the front door and were unsuccessful.  They tried to yank open the slider and only bent the handle.  Too stupid to figure out they pool gate they jumped over it and probably twisted their ankle when it gave under their weight.   Scrambling over the brick wall to finally yank off the window.  Our other neighbor states that his buddy had done a U-Turn and saw a dude with a backpack running from our home.  With all the ruckus and commotion this dude forgot to take a thing.  Nothing was stolen from our home and for that we are flabbergasted.  I gathered up the food still in the bag from the floor and add insult to burglary the order was wrong.

Photo0083 Photo0082 Photo0081


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