Hand it over to Neeson

Remember Liam Neeson and his words of wisdom on acting? “The training is nothing! The will is everything! The will to act!”  I find that in the New Year many have good intentions, they resolve to do things but actually doing them is different.  A few days before the New Year anonymous and I did demolition work in our garage.  I think adetailedhouse would have approved.  Due to circumstances of our location, deaths in the family and our neighborhood we do not have an intricate support system when it comes to free time.  When Anonymous and I do find a babysitter we will generally have dinner or lunch then go a home improvement store to purchase things.  Our last wedding anniversary was spent at Home Depot buying screen doors.  Our old babysitter Miss C. was in town and offered her services.  We took advantage of it, my brother had given us a gift of a steak dinner so we took it then we came back to demolish drywall.  It was such a good feeling to actually accomplish something.  When we first moved in we had made the decision to rent a dumpster and take out this weird alcove so Anonymous could park his truck.  It was well over a year before we actually acted.  The next day Miss C. was hired again for a few hours so we could take the debris to city refuse center.


When I was younger I would act some would say it was done a bit blindly but I would just go off and buy that item or go to that event without research.  It is different now, I research everything and I find I have become bogged down.  I don’t seem to perceive the best case scenario.  I will act in this New Year and perhaps leap without looking…well perhaps just a peek.


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