On the 8th of November Sean had his fall festival.


He won a goldfish and wouldn’t leave until he had won another for Evelyn.  For an early holiday gift we bought Sean an aquarium, I researched fish and talked to professionals for the best course of keeping the fish healthy. Image

Yesterday, Goldie, one of the fish died.  Needless to say I felt horrible.  I buried the fish in the garden and put some of the aquarium gravel over it as a marker.


I told Sean about it but I think he is too young to understand it.  Today he asked me before school if Ringer would be dead when he came home.  I told him I would do everything to keep Ringer happy and healthy.  This got me thinking about mortality.  I had some ruminations when my Mom died and then again when Anonymous’ Mom died last year.  I know that death is something that we will all do which gives me a strange sort of comfort.  I can’t believe a fish got me this upset.


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