Lindylu44 was right.  Last week Sean came home with a fundraising packet.  I doubt that I could sell fairy-cakes to my aunties and unlces across the pond.  One of my neighbours has three children and are in the midst of fundraising themselves while the other neighbour is a diabetic and probably can’t have much on the menu.  Anonymous and I are not comfortable with Sean soliciting especially since we have this on our door.  Pot calling the kettle black and all that.  I know that schools in our area are in need of money but with the economy being what it is I doubt many will fill orders.  I spoke to the teacher and asked her if there was certain things that the classroom needed and we would be more than willing to purchase a few.  Turns out there is an online wish list for teachers where they can put down things they need. I’m sure that Sean will have a few more amway-ish encounters.


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