Welcome to the Neighbourhood

The hole created by the Police Pursuit has finally been patched.  Our Lollipop Lady/Crossing Guard has been absent for a few weeks.  If Evie was older and in preschool I would fill the position myself.  Last friday was interesting.  The weather here in the I.E. is finally cooling down.  I had the sliding glass door in our bedroom open and box fan drawing in the breeze.  Anonymous was in the living room doing the same thing.  I was reading a book and then became aware of a droning sound.  I look out the window and see the Ghetto Bird (Police Helicopter) circling quite close to our home.  I go to find Anonymous only to have him say, “Hey have you seen this helicopter?  Right above our house.”

I felt like Ray Liotta in Goodfellas all I needed was the soundtrack of Harry Nilsson “jump into the fire” to be playing in the background.  I told Anonymous to shut the door in case there was a maniac running around I had already shut the slider in our bedroom.  Anonymous goes out the front door then scoots back in looking sheepish.  Two Police cruisers are parked on our sidewalk.  Eventually they disperse.

The next day our new neighbours, who had their car stolen the first week they had moved in, were having a yard sale.  I asked, “Any ideas on what that was last night?”

Turns out the neighbours were going out to dinner when they saw 7 young lads and one of them said, “Hey they are leaving.”  The neighbours parked their truck down the hill (where the police pursuit ended) and the husband took off his sweater and put on a hat.  He came back to the home and only saw 5 of the guys outside.  The other two were in the backyard.  he asked them what  they were doing and the answer was that they, “Wanted a place to hang out.”

The police eventually came and when they did it was in full force.  Their car was eventually found as well, it was missing the seats and the radiator.  The car was a two door Honda civic late 90’s model apparently the most stolen car.


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