Vitamin T

I had a reset yesterday.  I had a headache which started on Tuesday. I took my medication but it never got better.  In fact it got worse a lot worse.  I couldn’t pull my hair back into a ponytail due to the pain and I found myself snapping at Sean and Evie.  Anonymous came home and said, “You’re pulling your hair.  Want to go to the doc?”  I’m pretty good about the doctor but it is generally planned.  I make an appointment Anonymous stays home to watch the kids so he doesn’t get sick from being at Kaiser.  This would be an unplanned trip and I didn’t want to go.  My husband just packed up the kids and told me to get in the car.  He drove us to urgent care where I was promptly seen.  The nurses and doctors were kind and listened. They were impressed that I kept a record and  they asked if I had a medication in mind and I asked and was given an injection of Toradol.  I love that stuff, it got rid of my headache and I actually slept.  Today I have felt the best I have felt in a while.  Looking at my log I’ve been having a string of headaches since August began! My GP believes that I have cluster/stress headaches and not migraines due to a lack of aura.  My audiologist believes I have migraines and the doctor last night said it was most likely a migraine. Apparently there are differing opinions on whether or not auras are needed for a classic migraine.

This reminded me of when Anonymous and I were newly married (28th of June).  Before being carried over the threshold we went to the CSUSB HR department where Anonymous presented the staff with our Marriage certificate and that day I was enrolled into the insurance plan. On the 21st of July my back became inflamed and looked weird.  I didn’t even have a Kaiser card yet but I did have a number which a kind woman wrote on a neon green sticky-note.  The doctor diagnosed me with Shingles.  I asked, “Can I get shingles again?” The doctor sighed and said, “Half of doctors say yes and others say no.”






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