Movement. Signal’s clean

I hate ants.  Our condo was built on an anthill and no matter how clean you kept it the bastards would find a way in.  When we moved to our new home over a year ago I was pleased that there were no ants.  My pleasure evaporated this week.  The I.E. has been suffering a heat wave and with our general heat this week we have been slammed with humidity.  The ants found a way in and I began eliminating them.  Each day they are in a new spot so I feel somewhat relieved that I am getting to them but I know they are tenacious.  Today I had a Ripley moment.  I saw a few ants but couldn’t figure out where they were coming from.  I examined counters, cabinets, skirting boards then I had my moment when I looked up.  The ceiling!  I have eliminated them and when the kids wake up I will vacuum again.  20 points to the person who identifies who said the title of this post.

Yesterday, I got to go out.  AhouseholdKate, Eclectic Nerdery and Ahouseholdkates momma had an extra ticket to Mary Poppins at the Ahmanson Theatre.  They asked if I wanted to go and with Anonymous’ blessing we head out.  It was a beautiful show and when it comes to this area again I save up so we can all go.


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