My Morning Thus Far

My morning began a little after two.  Evie was having a bad night, I comforted her put her back to  bed.  About 15 minutes later she was still announcing her discontent.  Anonymous picked her up and then her stomach recoiled.  Anonymous became the old priest and cleaned up Evie while I became the young priest and cleaned up the room.  Around 3 in the morning I used to the online service and scheduled Evie for an appointment.

Since Anonymous had today off we all walked to drop Sean off at Kindergarten.  I introduced Anonymous to Lori/Laurie (not sure how she spells her name) the lollipop Lady/Crossing guard.  Even though she is wearing a Hi-Vis vest and waves a giant STOP sign many seem to see her as a target.  We nearly got mowed down by a grandma in Ford.  There are many that live close but still drive which makes for congestion.  The school is situated a bit on the cock.  There is a T intersection and a main parking lot that is one way.  There are slots on either side and the passage way through is heavily marked Pick up/ Drop Off. Many people either can’t read/comprehend this or choose to ignore it completely.  So there is a huge gang-bang line forming since there is an 11 seater  daycare van which is disembarking its passengers.  Another grandma this time in a silver trans-am is trying to back out of one of the spaces.  The van leaves the car behind the van is moving forward when grandma closes her eyes and just guns it!  I know that they will hit I even yell, “You’re going to hit the car!” The guy behind has time to honk but doesn’t in fact he is trying to make the hole left by the van! It was one of the moments when you’re brain screams “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!” then “What the Foxtrot do I do about it?” I’ve had this moment before when I saw a woman robbing the GameStop.  She was putting games in her handbag while her boyfriend was keeping the clerk busy.  I saw what was happening but couldn’t believe it, I even went up to her and asked, “What games you getting?” She bolted and I yelled, “She’s stealing your games” the clerks ignored me since the jewel cases are empty. She had broken into a kisok/stand and was helping herself to Gameboy/PSP used games.

After dropping Sean off we walked back and less than a block from our house we see an oddity.  A cinderblock retaining wall seemed to have some damage as we walked closer we were approached by a Policeman and a Civilian.  I point and ask, “Earthquake?” Now there have been some earthquakes recently but how the hell do you ask politely, “Who smashed the wall?”

The civilian who had a bandaged leg told us, “Pursuit, guy came down the hill turned right hit the perpetual puddle that is there and smashed into the wall.”  The guy even chased the driver since he tried to leg it.

Things have calmed down, the pediatrician checked over Evie.  No signs of infection or fever.  She asked about her feeding habits and it is most likely that Evie had way too much milk before bed.  Our girl is to be milk free for an hour to two hours before bed.  Lets see what the afternoon brings.


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