Oh No, Not Again!

The heat here in the I.E. has driven ants inside our house in search of water.  Yesterday they found a way in through an electrical outlet.

Today after I came back with Evie from shopping I found them on the kitchen counter.  Before children I would have busted out the can of Raid.  Since having children I use different methods to get rid of bugs.  I didn’t have lemon grass or mint on hand but I read that febreze is a good way to kill ants and other bugs and I had some.  I sprayed down the counter when Evie rushes up and decides to run her fingers through it and then shove them in her mouth.  She then starts to cough and cough.  I grab the bottle and it directs me to call poison control which I do.  I have called before when Sean wiped his face with a surface wipe

and when he drank shampoo and for myself.  The people asked how long the event happened and how much she ingested which was minimal next to negligible. Evie was fine after a cup of milk and had none of the symptoms the operator had warned me of.  Another win for poison control!


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