What did the grape do when it was stepped on?

~It let out a little wine.

Okay caveat in place this will be a whiny post with perhaps a smidge of redemption in it.  I have been having the debate of getting up earlier so I can have some time alone to read, watch a show, or just sip coffee without the interruption of children.  When Sean was Evelyn’s age I would get up around 5 in the morning so I could be up first do things I wished to do or just simply do things sans children.  It would make for an incredibly long day but I got out of the blocks well and got somewhat ahead of my competitors. I have been toying with this idea again my hesitation is that I really want to have more sleep.  During the summer months I can not seem to fall asleep until almost the next day.

I got up a little after five this morning.  Strike one, I thought I had switched the coffee pot to automatic but I guess not.  So like a heroin addict standing around a flaming rubbish bin to melt the smack on a spoon I stood around my Braun waiting for it to percolate.

I started in on my coffee and the fog was leaving my brain allowing my thoughts to have some cohesion when…

Strike two, I dropped something which had Sean up.

So with him awake Evelyn began to stir, I thought “Fuck it” lets start.  I got the kids their breakfast watched the absolute rubbish that passes for news in the morning.  Although I was saddened about the death of Dominic Santini of Airwolf/Mermaid Man from SpongeBob.  Also I was confused the news spouted that the British haven’t won a Wimbledon final, that Andy Murray lost.  Did they forget that Jonathan Marray a Brit along with his Danish tennis partner Frederick Nielsen won the mens double finals at Wimbledon on Saturday?

Strike Three, Shouts of help from the bathroom.  Sean has overflowed the toilet.

What had waking up early gotten me so far? Excrement.


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