I took Sean to Kaiser today since he had been a bit under the weather.  Anonymous took Evelyn to take care of some errands.  After Sean’s appointment we went to sit outside to wait for Anonymous to pick us up.  The landscaping of the Kaiser building is quite nice with huge areas of river rocks and concrete slabs for sitting.  We went to sit down only to find an impediment.  Someone had removed a huge amount of river rocks to scrawl John 3:16, I began removing it for safety.  Namely it was hazard someone is going to trip over these things and with the level of Coffin-dodgers getting out of the modified Omni bus I felt it was necessary to move these potentially hip-breaking hazards.  As I am moving it an older gentleman says, “hey those were more organized this morning.”  To which I reply, “I’m moving them so no one falls or gets hurt.”  He ignores me and goes to fix the J in John. As he left I began to put the stones back and got dirty looks. Now here is what irritated me, these things are a hazard either a child will be hurt or an octogenarian.  I was not trying to wage a war on a bible passage I would have removed them if the stones were in a smiley face or a crudely designed dick.  It reminded me of when my dad was officiating a football match and the goals were not secured.  He refused to let the game begin until they were since the week before in another state to girls had been killed by a falling goal.  My dad said, “These are a hazard and they must be secured, if the winds pick up they are lethal.”  A parent shot back, “it’s not windy now!”  I just don’t understand.


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