I’m the trouble starter, punkin’ instigator

Oh, I’m the fear addicted, danger illustrated

This accurately describes my children!  So this morning Sean got out his markers and gave them to Evelyn even though they are off-limits to her.  So her crib is now decorated, luckily my all purpose cleaner was able eliminate the Picasso like art.  So my son is the instigator then throws his sister under the bus when we question him.  As for the danger illustrated that is Evelyn–diving off of beds, couches and tables.

Fear addicted, that was me.  I couldn’t sleep last night I had stupid thoughts about everything.  This is how stupid my brain is, for those that don’t know I have the O in OCD.  So I’m terrified that if I leave the kids windows open they will be [insert something bad] however, I leave my sliding glass door open for the breeze.  I mean a maniac can come in kill Anonymous and I and still get the kids but if I don’t close the kids windows that’s when I have the bad thoughts. I checked the doors and windows and finally closed our slider around two a.m..  I really hate the way my brain will lock on to something completely stupid and run with it.  During the day I can snap myself out of it but the boogeyman is rampant at night.  I know this started after my Mum died then went underground for awhile until I broke my leg then it popped up again.  The issue is control I know I  really have none.  The Universe will do whatever it wishes and I accept that but my brain doesn’t understand it.


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