Box Tops

When I became a parent I knew that I would have plenty of responsibility.  I knew that my husband and I were going to be entrusted with rearing decent human beings.  What I didn’t realize was being blindsided by the Box Tops.  Sean is not a regular to preschool.  He only goes twice a week for a few hours.  We would receive the newsletters and then a sheet was circulated with race-cars on it.  If your child filled up the sheet then they would get to pick a prize from the treasure trunk.  Sean was very adamant that he wanted to participate. So I scoured our pantry and I found Labels for Education I found a quite a few only to realize that these were not the Box Tops that were required.  So I set to work.  The stumbling block I faced was that most of things we purchase are from Costco namely the Kirkland items.  So no real Box Tops to be had.  I did find some on some sandwich baggies but that was it.  So it became a game, when I shopped for odds and ends I would look for box top items.  I had Anonymous scour his office since labels and envelopes come with Box Top coupons.  Essentially I damn near sold my soul (again) to find these things.  Well Sean came home with another sheet so here we go!  My friend AhouseholdKate told me that she found some in her classroom and she’ll let me have them for Sean.  Only Nine more spots to fill up!


2 thoughts on “Box Tops

  1. Box tops are nothing. Wait for it and they will turn your child into a little Amway person. Chocolate, gift wrap, calandars, and cookies. It never ends

    1. Yes! This is just the beginning and magazines, bake sales and car washes are on the horizon. Those boxtops seem to have something written in Italian on them roughly translated “Abandon all hope ye who collect these!”

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