Dancing Days

On Saturday I went to a UDC (University dance Company) performance it was free for alums.  Back when I was an undergrad I started dancing I had always admired it from afar and decided to give it a go at 19.  I started with a ballet class and the instructor, who was also the UDC director, suggested I join the company. I did and I loved it.  As I watched the show on Saturday it struck me that it had been a decade since I danced last.  I nearly cried watching a ballet piece because I want so badly to do it again.  I still have a couple pairs of pointe shoes somewhere. I was lucky enough that Mum was able to see my first performance she didn’t get to see my others.  One of the most memorable pieces I remember was a ballet in which four girls were essentially chained to one man.  We represented the women in this man’s life.  There was his sweetheart, his mother, his sister and the temptress.  I played the role of the sister.  During the matinee performance the straps broke but we were able to muddle through.  In fact the audience that it was part of the act and commented that piece made much more sense since the man had broken free of the chains of relationships!  As my dad would say, “Ah memories!”



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