Five Stages of Grief meet Nine Stages of Housework!

Anonymous went out with Sean and while Evelyn napped I cleaned up.  Unless we win the Mega Millions it is unlikely that our household will be venturing off to some exotic land for a vacation.  So my get away from it all is having a clean home, I love a clean home.  I can relax and not worry over tripping on shit which I do and I’m in no mood for more ortho visits (they know me too well).  However, as soon as I picked up the last matchbox car Evelyn woke and then my guys were home and play time ensues.  I love having my kids play, I don’t get worked up over stray crayon marks.  I do vacuum after they eat or snack, old habit from the condo since it was built on an ant hill and if you didn’t vacuum you were infested with bugs.  However, I’m a clumsy limey so toys being put away is a must for me and while it results in desperate feelings of monotony I came up with this.

9 Stages of Housework


“This place looks like a Rubbish Tip!”


“I didn’t leave that there why should I pick it up!”


“It’ll just get messed up again”

no energy

“I’m too tired”


“This is Groundhog day”


“Other women can handle it and claim they like it…why don’t I?”


“I have a Master’s degree!”

lack of motivation

“I can clean later, this evening, tomorrow”


“I really do love having a clean home, make peace with it and do it and it will be done quickly.”


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