One of Many

This day would have come no matter what.  Today is what would be my Mother-in-Law’s birthday.  It’s a strange thing to contemplate, this day is still the day that she was born but this year she is not here to celebrate it.  I remember the first birthday that my own mother was not here for us to celebrate and my brother, dad and I were awkward as arse trying to acknowledge and ignore the day itself.  Today is like that, I’m thinking of Karlene of what she would want. Also the time, she died last year but it hasn’t been six months yet.  Sean still recognizes a black ford mustang matchbox car as grandma’s car and I get a little misty whenever he says, “it’s grandma’s car.”  The sun rises, the world spins on and it is up to us as Human beings to remember the importance of life since no one will do it for us.  And as long as we remember our loved ones are not truly gone.


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