Societies as a whole set standards of conformity for its members, through conformity you have access to various resources.  Why do I bring up a topic of Anthropological interest–my bloody phone that’s why.  Anonymous and I do not have smart phones.  I already have my laptop and that is enough access to the web for me, I don’t need an App to find out what song is playing on the radio and if I can’t remember the name of the of the film where the guy has his dick out at the end I can wait until I’m home to Google it.  (by the way the movie is Teen Wolf).

However, present society is dictating the smart phone.  Now social/peer pressure is not the driving force behind the conformity it is the substandard products that is forcing conformity that I do not like.  Three weeks ago we got new phones and they restart all by themselves, won’t access the address book unless you turn it off then on again. You have to do this every time you wish to make a call unless you have memorized the digits.  They also dial 911 all by themselves too! I went to see if we can get a new dumb phone and our options are limited, Hello Conformity.



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