Hill Start

The voice of my Mother sometimes rears its head in certain situations. I can be somewhere see something and then hear her in my head.  Yesterday was one of those days.  I could hear a strange sound outside and went out to look.  I thought it was a moving van using a mechanized lowering ramp since that’s what it sounded like.  What it was in actuality was White Honda Coupe, lowered with gold/brass rims and it was obvious that it was manual transmission.  Now here is where Mum starts shouting.  My Mum went completely native in 1997 when she became an American.  She starting listening to Talk Radio bought a pick-up truck, and got her Dad (my granddad) to buy a shotgun (we lived in Fresno so it was actually needed).

Well the one thing Mum stayed resolute on about the good thing of Britain was the driving laws.  My mum told me that if you passed your driving licence with a manual transmission you could also drive an automatic.  If you only passed on an automatic that’s all you were licenced to drive.  To pass a manual transmission test you had to master a hill start.  The test is so rigorous that many do not pass the first time and to this day my two Paternal Auntie’s do not have licences!

So this guy on the hill is trying to hold his car with the clutch and is failing miserably.  I don’t mind that this guy tries it’s the suped up crappy exhaust that I mind.  The noise is deafening.  I took a video of this guy while my two played on the lawn.  The only problem was the mic couldn’t pick up the noise!  When my husband come home he can tell me where the cable is and I can post the video.

There is a piece in the video, which shall be posted, of me turning suddenly back to the car since the guy stalled.


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