25 years?

So what do the years 2012 and 1987 have in common?  They were the years I went to Chuck -E- Cheese.  things have changed a bit in the quarter of a century between visits.  The ball pit is gone, there is perspex on the Ski/Skee-Ball thingies.  Apparently the food has gotten better, I don’t know.  The party I went to in the later part of the 80’s all the pizza was nicked before I could get a slice.  I do remember a type of showroom with animatronic rodents on a three platform stage.

Last night was fundraiser at CEC for the preschool that Sean attends.  A percentage of the purchases went to the school and Sean got to hang out with his friends.  We invited AhouseholdKate and her family and they came along too.  It was fun.  Anonymous and I had a laugh the other day when he had heard someone say, “Yeah I had to put my life on hold for six months when I had a baby.”  We laughed it’s been damn near five years for us.  However, we can go to a very silly restaurant and have a good time.  It’s all in how you look at.

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