Not A Wind Up

Yesterday I received a nomination for my blog and at first I thought it was a joke-a massive wind up!  I saw the comment in my e-mail but thought it was Spam.  I saw that A Detailed House had won an award  so I gave her a congratulatory cheers.  When I read her post I saw that excavation had been nominated it really didn’t sink in.  You know how people say, “I don’t believe it”? Well I honestly can’t, I started this blog on a dare from my friend.  All the crazy and true things that have happened to me caused my friend Kate to tell me, “Start a blog and document it.”  So I did.  I had no clue anyone would actually read it!



One thought on “Not A Wind Up

  1. “Then one day she decided to design the life she loved.” (Author Unknown) . . . Baby steps’ll get you there. The possibilities are . . . endless. Congrats! ~Gerean

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