I really haven’t had a glass of wine in a very long time.  There was night when I went out with AhouseholdKate and Mrs. Yoder and I bought a glass but remembered that I had taken my arthritis meds so I got to stare at it for awhile.  Then at a party I had a sip and then played with my face for about an hour.  Well last week was a bit of a mess so I bought a bottle of white with umlauts!  I had a glass, an actual glass, not a tumbler like my Nan would have and no I didn’t keep filling it up either.  Well I payed for it Sunday morning.

This particular Sunday saw my doorbell ring.  I answer it and see three women,”buenos dias” they say to me I answer “Good Morning”.  Their faces fall and say, “No Espanol?” Now my Spanish is very limited to what I have learned from COPS that being, “abierto la puerta! policia! Narcoticos!”  Well I finally discern that the are Jehovah’s Witnesses and they are looking for people who speak Spanish.

After that encounter I busted out my old friend from the Condo. So now I wonder who will actually read it and comprehend what it says!

After getting rid of my headache the Anonymous household ventured out for more supplies and it turns out the ice cream that my husband likes is on closeout.  Meaning either they will stop producing it entirely or they are discontinuing just long enough to change the packaging design.  My husband is hoping that is the latter.  One thing I did notice while in Stater Bros.  Myself and one other girl (she was around 12) were the only women that did not have any (visible) tattoos. Now I’m a physical anthropologist not a cultural one but this has got to be a gold mine for a cultural paper on tattoos.  Plus most of what I saw were the homemade tattoos (*note I said homemade not prison just homemade!)

Congratulations to A Detailed House on her award!

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