Result –

Three weeks ago on recommendations from my primary physician I saw a genetic counselor.  They took my family history and I opted to be tested for the BRCA 1 & 2 genes.  My mother died at 46 having been diagnosed at 45 with terminal breast cancer.  There are few women in the family with many being only children.  My mothers first cousin had breast issues (she’s an only child as well).  Since I have a daughter I felt an obligation to be tested.  For the past three weeks I haven’t really thought about it but last night my mind was mulling over what if I test positive or negative?  My husband (he doesn’t over think things while I go far off into the future with my thoughts) told me, “If you test positive you’ll have surveillance and if you test negative you’ll still have surveillance so stop thinking and go to sleep.”  It worked, I went to sleep and this morning I got my results, I’m negative for mutations in those two genes.  And my husband was right I will have high surveillance, screenings 6 months apart by a clinician and mammograms starting at 35.


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