What week is it?

I’ll try and get back on track with my weeks. Things have been interesting.  Evelyn didn’t seem happy since her ear infection.  A week after the appointment that diagnosed her infection she was seen for a well baby visit.  The doctor checked her ears and she still had fluid.  So she has been bumped into another class of antibiotics.  The same thing happened with Sean.  So Evelyn began a new treatment and she is much happier.  On Tuesday actually it was early Wednesday Sean woke us up complaining of ear pain.  We put him back to bed after getting him comfortable.  At three in the morning I booked him an appointment at Kaiser and two hours later he came to us and said, “I ruined my pillow!” he had vomited.

So the doctor confirmed another ear infection.  January and February have been a merry-go-round of doctors visits and ear infections.  I’ve never known anything like it!  I’ve now colour coded my whiteboard/calendar to keep track of the dosing schedules.  Sean only had 4 infections throughout his four years but in the last two months hes had two (bringing the total now to 6).  Evelyn had her first it just lingered longer.  I know that kids get sick and with Sean being in pre-school twice a week I know he will bring home something.  Also having a sibling they will pass germs to each other.  I’m just astonished at the amount of pediatric visits I have booked.  Sean and Evelyn’s pediatrician has seen us nearly every week!  In fact next week Evelyn will have visit to check to see if her ears are better.


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