Sean, Evie and Anonymous are tucked away in bed and I’m on the couch.  Those three are sick and I’m hurt.  My leg hurts on the left side, where the plate used to be.   I had to take a different painkiller today and that kills me.  I’ve been doing very well with my leg.  I don’t wear stupid shoes and losing weight has helped immensely.  On Tuesday I indulged Evie by taking her on this inflatable bouncy slide over and over for about an hour and a half.  My leg has been good, sometimes I do nearly forget that I nearly lost it.  Today I had a bath, a luxury and a rarity (Mom’s will know this) I use a bath to help with pain.   I take my meloxicam  and I  finally see my medication as a tool instead of a hindrance.  Nonetheless sitting here with the others all in bed and me out here I’m reminded of the chopped down bunk-bed and worrying about taking painkillers.


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