Week 4

So far this week has been kind, there have been no Kaiser Visits for anyone in the household.  We were able to put new tires on the car, thank you Spink! The DAV came on Wednesday to collect a box and already I have dug out more for them to collect when they come back in a few weeks.  Wednesday also saw Mr. Nimri at our home!  He is on leave from Germany in a few weeks he’ll be going to South Korea then hopefully back to the United States.

On Friday the winds were so high that CSUSB was closed.  Anonymous came home around lunchtime and I made everyone’s favourite–crust less quiches, with Louisiana hot link.  The winds kept me up Thursday and Friday night, debris would activate either ours or Earl and Marilyn’s security light.  Our bedroom has a sliding glass door and the illumination from either lights would spill in.

Today is a clean up day.  Anonymous is tackling the garage since it almost looks like an episode of Hoarders.  In fact we were watching an episode and both of us looked at one another with the same look, “yup, lets clean.”  While our home is not cluttered or dirty it still needs a bit of help.  I went through the kids toys, putting aside the infant things and Sean’s many pieces of art.  We are thinking of converting our pantry into a hall closet since we have  a metric crap-load of space in the kitchen.  Anonymous bought himself a leaf blower/vac and is having fun in the front yard.  There is still a few more hours left in this day/week.  We need to purchase drywall and hopefully things will continue to be favourable.


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