Week Three


The third week of this year has seen more Kaiser Visits.  Evelyn has recovered from her croup but Sean was a bit under the weather.  He had a runny nose but he seemed to be improving.  Thursday morning he crawled into our bed crying about his ear.  I called Kaiser and got him an appointment and the pediatrician confirmed what we suspected, an ear infection.  We got Sean on his antibiotics and he’s doing well.  Later that night Anonymous came home from basketball, everything seemed fine until he experienced a pain right at his surgical site.  Mr. and Mrs. Zed, who had just played basketball with Anonymous, came over and watched the kids (they were already asleep).  We got to the ER a little after 9 and left around 2:30 Friday Morning.  A CAT scan revealed that all Anonymous’ insides were intact, they had to rule out a rupture.  The staff were extremely caring and joked with us.  We discovered the Enterprise in the Imagaing suite, the artist had painted a Space scene on the ceiling and had cleverly incorporated a smoke detector!


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