Week Two

A week ago I was awakened a bit after five in the morning due to Evelyn coughing.  Actually it was not the coughing that alerted me it was the stridor. I picked her up got her calmed down and used the online service to book an appointment.  The pediatrician diagnosed it as croup through the door of the office, an official examination confirmed her diagnosis.  She was given an injection of steroids to protect her airway and I was told not to worry too much about her cough.  “It will scare you, but remember the steroids won’t allow the airway to narrow” The pediatrician told me.

She was right that cough is fucking terrifying.  Anonymous spent Monday night on the couch with Evelyn to keep her elevated so she could sleep.  I spent Tuesday and good portion of Wednesday in the same spot.  When Sean came home Wednesday afternoon from preschool he was beginning to cough.  One kid straight to another.  So week two of January was spent keeping children calm and happy so they wouldn’t exert themselves and freak me the fuck out with that cough!


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