Last week, I thought I had an ear infection.  My right ear felt plugged and I was very unsteady on my feet, later I had tinnitus (bad ringing/banging/clanging/screeching/whistling) it was so bad that I put in an iPod to drown it out.  I made an appointment to see my GP but I knew I couldn’t make it over the weekend.  So I went to Urgent Care, there the Doc found no fluid in my ear no sign of infection.  I was very confused.  He asked about a history of ear infections, I told him I had one infection when I was 26 and I had swimmers ear twice when I was kid.  I then mentioned that I do have a family history of Meniere’s Disease.  He ordered a hearing test right there and referred me.  His test showed I had some hearing loss I was floored.

Yesterday I went to the Audiologist. I had a hearing assessment first where the tech evaluated me and so far the ears look good.  Just a little loss in the left ear but it’s not that bad.  I then saw the Doc, he gave me a battery of tests.  Turns out he thinks I have a Eustachian tube problem since I’ve been a bit under the weather.  Plus it turns out that it takes 3 things to maintain balance.  Your eyes, your ears and part of your brain that can sense your limbs in space.  My brain hasn’t been damaged but since it is confused over limb placement since my injury.  My brain thinks my left leg/foot should be straight but the amount of times I’ve broken toes on my left foot tells me otherwise.  So my other 2 senses are working overtime and with my right ear compromised I’m dizzy.  So I’ve got some nasal steroids to hopefully open up my ear and we’ll check back in a couple of months.  The tinnitus is ongoing, last night I had it again  but my Husband has put a RainScape on an iPod for me and it muffles the noise and allows me to sleep.


One thought on “Mimic

  1. I remember you told me about your mother’s hearing loss…I wish you hadn’t inherited this, though. But…I understand. The thing to remember is don’t just smile and nod to people! You might be agreeing to something you don’t want! I ended up with a pizza without toppings I wanted because I just smiled and nodded. Let my pizza serve as a reminder! 😉

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