Never Boring

Six months ago we moved from our condo to our current home (detached!).  At the condo we had Karoake Steve at our new home we have another neighbour named Steve.  He likes to play music–loud.  When we first met he told me that he was bi-polar and would have bouts of mania followed by depression.  About two weeks ago we get woken up in the five o’clock hour by Cher.  Later a dark blue Saturn comes up the street blasting Lady Gaga.  Steve is in a great mood, almost too good.  Later that night the crash hits and we there is shouting.  The next day there is bouts of shouting inter-spaced with silence.  That Monday I find out from Steve’s dad that he went off of his medication resulting in a manic episode followed quickly by the depression.  He is now back on medication and all is fine.  Life in the I.E. is never boring.


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